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Subject: Fainting Spells | 08 March, 2007
Sorry I couldn't finish complaining about life in my last entry, I've been busy.

It seems that's all I am these days, but it's fine, I guess.
Even though it's the same thing everyday that's keeping me busy, at least I have musical afterschool to keep me sane. My unprodictable friends in there always keep it interesting.

I didn't get to go today though, I signed out halfway through gym.
Well, more like the school signed me out.
I changed for gym and walked upstairs to line up for attendance, then we had to sit against the wall while Mr. Morrison explained what we were doing today that involved deadly basketballs.
I couldn't concentrate on what he was saying though, I couldn't concentrate on anything. I had trouble focusing my eyes and only realized he was done talking to us when everyone stood up.

I got up and walked over to where the other girls were, I normally do whatever they were doing because I didn't have to worry so much about the guys getting impacient with me missing baskets.

He started pairing us off into groups, but I couldn't focus again. I felt myself drifting back and forth slowly, and bits a black hit the edge of my vision each time I tipped.
So then my pulse started racing, and Kaylie is asking me if I'm alright.
I realized I had my head pinching the bridge of my nose-- what I always do when I'm not feeling good.
My head started spinning and I managed to tell her I felt like fainting before I realized I was on the ground and Mr. Morrison was telling her to run and get someone from the guidance office.

So Mrs. Brown, my Guidance Counselor comes running in with the principal as Mr. Morrison was telling me to brace myself with my arms as I sat up.
They had my lay down, breath in through my nose and out through my mouth for three counts, and propped my feet up with something- I think it was one of those things you jump over when running on a track.
They put a sweater under my head and asked me questions. What was my name, was I diabetic, was I sick, was anything wrong with me, if I hit my head, etc etc.
When I felt water run along my earlobe I realized I was crying, but my eyes though, I couldn't feel my face scrunched up like normal.

They walked me into the nurses office, gave me girl scout cookies, fruit punch, and peanutbutter crackers while the principal called my mom. When she asked if I lost consiousness when falling the guidance counselor knew she was a nurse.
So then I went into the guidance office since the nurses office was cold, and they had me eat some peanuts, put a sweater around my shoulders, and watched me like I was going to fall over again, even though I stopped shacking and could focus my eyes again.

After 2 hours, my sister came and picked me up.
When I got home mom looked really mad. "What happened?" She demanded, and I gave her the story, which sounded lame after the fifth time telling it to an adult-- my mom no less.
She asked why it happened as the teachers did and I told her the truth; I haven't been eating much lately.

I know I'm not sick. My head just swims around a little every once in a while, but other than that I'm fine. Shaken, and ticked that I missed coreography, but fine.

I watched the movie "Cars" that Jenna let me borrow, and ate chicken noodle soup.

Madre says I can't be a semi-vegetarian anymore. "You're obviously not getting the propper nutricion you need, so whatever we make for dinner tonight, you're eating." she said as she handed me a DanActive and a vitamin supplement pill. She watched me take a pill and swallow it without water-- something she still doesn't understand how I can do, then walked away to the kitchen.

After Cars finished, madre walked in wanting to watch a movie. I told her she could pick since I was going to take a nap, and when I woke up I realized she was watching Poseidon on HBO on Demand.

So I watched the rest (it was pretty good) and kept track of time to figure out what classes I would be in and wondered if Olivia told anyone about my fainting spell.

Madre got on the computer so I read until she finished and went to make dinner.
So that brings me to now.

it's 6:23.
Drama should be finishing up pretty soon, it ends at 6:30.
I'll have to go to the dance coreographers for the coreography to "America"



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