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Subject: Real Quick | 13 January, 2007
Okay, here's what I need to update on next entry (This is about 5 seconds after my last entry) so I don't forget
Let's see, I covered New Years...
- Britt's house + photos with brooms
- Drama Practice-- Reading/Wigs/Set/Coffee/Improv Games/"I said a BOOM shicka-locka-shicka-locka-shicka-BOOM!"/"Thumbs out! Thumbs Together! Wrists Together!"/ Honey I Love You
- Mid Terms coming up- Packets/visiting old teachers
- English Project- Poems/Library's/Scripits/Lyrics/Lost Books
- Geometry- Journal Entries/B-
- Spanish- Speaking/Writing Portions of the mid-terms
- Working with Dad last Sunday- Brooms/Mansions/attics
- Mom's work- Finding better things due to horrible circumstances
- Caleb Moving
- My Acting goals
I lied.
I need to talk about Caleb moving now.
I met Caleb at my friend Sydney's sweet 16 party, and it was a Costume thing. He came dressed as a surfer and I was a gothic 50s girl. Well, after becoming friends with him, I haven't talked to him.
I found out he's moving to LA in about a month, an agency wants him to move there ASAP!
So this is exciting! I left him a comment on Facebook saying congradulations and to make us all here in Delaware, Ohio proud!
But hearing that someone actually GOT out of Delaware is inspiring me!
I'm so full of excitedment-- after mid terms we start a new term with All A's once more which means I'll be able to schdual that appointment with Haymen Talent, AND I still have time to find more Agencies here in Ohio!
Also... madre and I still need to sign that contract with Katalyst! We keep forgetting, which is really bad seeing as one of my New Years resolutions was to not procrastinate so much. We REALLY need to submit it seeing as it's PILOT SEASON! And I'm one of the many hopefull's!
So, with more agencys, good grades, more experience, and new Headshots, I'm extremely hopefuly to get out of Delaware!
Soon, preferably!
I need to find a new layout on here...
And I need to upload my photos onto here...
Now I REALLY have to go dry/straighten my hair and go to bed. It's cold, my hair's wet, and I do NOT need to get sick before mid terms and work!


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