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Subject: Imagine Me and You | 19 January, 2007
Imagine me and you,
I do, I think about you day and night
it's only right
to think about the one you love
and hold them tight
so happy togetherrrrrr

Ha ha ha, I absolutly LOVE that song.
I'm going to look for it on youtube to listen to.
The Turtles sing that, right?
And if all else fails, New Found Glory re-made it.

So, I promised I would update, did I?

I suppose I should keep that promise lol.

- Brit's house + photos with brooms
- Drama Practice-- Reading/Wigs/Set/Coffee/Improv Games/"I said a BOOM shicka-locka-shicka-locka-shicka-BOOM!"/"Thumbs out! Thumbs Together! Wrists Together!"/ Honey I Love You
- Mid Terms coming up- Packets/visiting old teachers
- English Project- Poems/Library's/Scripits/Lyrics/Lost Books
- Geometry- Journal Entries/B-
- Spanish- Speaking/Writing Portions of the mid-terms
- Working with Dad last Sunday- Brooms/Mansions/attics
- Mom's work- Finding better things due to horrible circumstances
- My Acting goals

That was the list? Yeah.

Brit's house then!
After New Years the next day I called Brit. We both decided we were to bored to sit home alone and decided I would go to her house and stay the night!

Well, it was storming out, (As our weather here has been extremely.... weird. No snow in December, just a small flurry ONCE, and then in January there's been DAYS of wet rain, and NOW it's starting to snow a little-- not nearly enough for anything though. The snow dries up unless it's on a patch of water or in a slope) and it was also pitch black in darkness, so we decided (after much pleading on both parts and "No's" from both gaurdians) that it was better to stay the night the next day.

Then Brit's grandma changed her mind, and my mom decided she could drive me!

So I got to her house, and we goofed around making videos on my camera (Which I need to find before it gets lost). When that got boring we played her grandma's nintendo-- which I beat brit at "Clay Fighting".

Then we went into her room and took her camera.
I said this before, but as a reminder, Brit's camera has TWO flashes on it, about a second apart. So, One of us would stand by her door and turn the lights out. Then the other would take a picture. During the first flash, we would be in one position (Like a karate kick or something) and during the second flash we would be in another position (Like a disco move)

It was hilarious!
That's when i thought, "wait! Let's do something else!"
So we grabbed a broom out of her closet, and proceeded to get action shots of us jumping off her bed into the air so it looked like we were flying on a broom stick!

Lol MAN I need to find my camera to put those pictures up!
Their so funny!

We eventually went to sleep.

The next da was the first day back to school ever since Christmas Break.
And I missed it.

I turned my alarm clock on, since I was dying of boredom and wanted to be up to make myself look nice for the first day back.

The only problem is that I didn't reSET it.
So my alarm clock was set for 9, instead of 6.
My sister walked into my room at 6:45 (when my bus leaves) asking why I wasn't awake.

Well, she had to go to class in Columbus so she couldn't drive me to school and both my parents were at work in Dublin.

I started crying, I was so upset.
Not over missing school-- HA, yeah right. I'd see my friends the next day.
I was upset because that was the first day of practice for the play!
I was panicking thinking that I'd get kicked out of the play for missing it, and I didn't want to miss introductions or anything with improv-- I LOVE improv, and it's always the best memories!

I had to stay home, I had no ride to school.

I didn't loose my part, and I didn't miss any improv, but Corey said everyone was asking where I was-- which made me smile lol.

Drama practice!

At first, being in Drama, I was a little uneasy.
I mean, ever since Livy dropped out, it feels weird.
I felt out of place, but then everything seemed to fall together. I became better friends with Elena, and everyone else for that matter!

I tried on some of the wigs in the make-up room LOL. Let's just say, I'm NEVER going blonde!

I interviewed for crew also, and I'm assistant to the assistant Prop Manager! Which is perfectly fine with me, I've never done Props before!

Lol, the next thing on my Point was "Coffee" which is the nick name Brit and I gave to a guy I liked back in 8th grade.

She thought I liked him again, because I got all giddy and blushed a lot a smiled even bigger when he came around to talk to us during a chorus concert-- and he was one of the reasons I didn't drop the play.

I don't think I like him though.
Even though he would walk up real close to me and look over my shoulder at what I was doing, or when how he would randomly complement me and smiled a lot when I talked to him.
But when I sprained my ankle, and got on crutches (I'll explain later) he wouldn't come NEAR me, and didn't talk to me at all.
It was like I was even there.

Brian though, when I got on crutches, he's been by my side since. He has this INTENSE stare when he looks at you, and this sweet smile! And he's eyes are so deep!

but I'm not falling for him.
Nn nn! Not me!
I refuse to!

Even if I knew I couldn't hold out in a game of "Honey I Love You" against him.

LOL, Wow, so, "Honey I Love You" is the funnest game ever!
We play it every year as a part of warm ups, and it's funnier each time!

The first time we played it, Clay walked up to me, and I just shok my head and walked in the middle-- I thought I wouldn't even be able to stand up against him in that game and say, "Honey I love you but I just can't smile"

OH, so, I should probably explain this game.

1) Gather a group of people together in a circle (Different sex is a must)

2) One person (A) in the center of a circle must go another (B) and say "Honey, if you love me, smile?" or a very close variant. Touching is allowed at the group's disgression (it makes the game a lot more entertaining).

3) B must respond with "Honey, I love you, but I just cannot smile" while maintaing eye contact with A. If at any point B smiles or starts laughing, the he or she must go to the center and the game continues. If B does NOT smile, then person A must try again.

(Taken from the facebook group I joined lol)

Well, I couldn't get anyone to break, so that night I was thinking up good things I could use in Honey I Love You, and thought up going, "SuWEEEETTTT DAWGY! Look at that country gentleman there! Mhmm! That's some country SPICE! You are cuter than pickled pigs feet on isle 2! If you give me a smiaalllleee, I'll get you some good for half price!" and doing weird dancing things.

Next time we played it, no one got past the "SuWEEETTTT DAWGY!" before they broke.

So that game that I got to try my "Country Spice", Clay went up to me again. I thought he was going to go for Sarah next to me, but instead he fell to the ground grabbing my legs and going, "PLEASE! PLEASE HONEY JUST GIVE ME A SMILE! I LVOE YOU!!!!"

And I looked down at him emotionless and said, "Honey I love you but I just can't smile."

Ha ha ha! I didn't break! I think that was the first time I didn't break! I freaked out and celebrated as he walked back into the middle of the circle regected lol.

So yesturday for "Honey I Love You" I was planing on going to Brian, when he got in, looks around and walks straight up to me. I'm thinking he was going to put on an accent when he jumps back and sings, "WE COULD BE LOVEEEERRRRS!" From Moulin Rouge.

I died laughing and got sent to the middle lol.

Ooh dang!
I need to go to bed, I'm going to work tomorrow!
(Which I STILL didn't get paid for last time)

I'll have to finish my update when I get home.



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