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Subject: Weekday - O - Fun | 29 December, 2006
I feel truly blessed right now.
In life, you rarely find a best friend that's so close to you, you're like sisters.
I'm so extremely gratefull that Britt is my best friend- we share a brain! She's madre's long lost daughter, and my long lost sister!
We know exactly what each other is thinking, and know each other better than ourselfs! When we get annoyed with each other, we tell her so it doesn't turn into a fight (fat chance) and if we DO get seriously upset, we talk it out calmly and give each other turns to explain their side.
We haven't had a fight since 8th grade, and that only lasted about a week!
We also have a pact to not fight over guys, which works seeing as we have the same taste pretty much-- and a lot of the times they guys will flirt with both of us and try to start drama that we swiftly avoid!

It's insane, I'll miss her like crazy when I move to California as an actress.

Which may be soon!
I can feel it in me-- that may sound weird, but my gut feeling has only been wrong once before, back in the beginning of 8th grade.
Katalyst is getting more clients, and already sent me two audtions-- one of which I can't do because you have to be 18 or older (It's for a new show on CMT).
Well, the one isn't really an audition, more of a dumb luck thing. It's called Funniest Teen in America or something or other, and it's for MTV, I need to send in a video tape of me and my friends being funny-- or at least that's what I got from it. I'll e-mail them for more info after this.

Normally, At the thought of doing a MTV show, I'd recoil and refuse- but this doesn't sound like one of their stupid "reality" shows where drama, sex, and beer sell for audiences. This sounds funny. Heck, it sounds like a spin-off of Funniest Mom in America on Nickleodeon!

I'm not to sure if I will do it anyways, I mean... now that I think about it, MTV is, well, MTV.
Half the shows on there have girls degrading themselves--
I'm not doing it.

Gut feeling here, this isn't how I want to break out. I also feel like there's something else waiting for me.

Woo- freaky!

Anyways, like I said in my last post, we're also getting my headshots done soon, and I have some photos to hold Katalyst over until January.
And then there's a new term coming with automatic A's that I can keep up, AND that also means I can schedual an appointment with Heyman Talent!


Ha ha, so, anyways, the point of my entry (Whcih will probably take a year to finish knowing me! =P)

Britt came over yesturday!
We got all dolled up and had a long photo shoot consisting of about 200 something photos! We danced to music on musicchoice on my TV-- which will explain the random poses in half of the pictures!
(Don't worry, I'll spare you about 195 of them! Or else this entry would be forever long!)

Then we uploaded them on here, got Britt a Facebook, and spent about two hours trying to find each other on Facebook! It was insane-- pages went missing, people went missing, etc etc.

So then we started to wacth the new Pochahontas-- but it was to slow for our attention span. So we popped in "Fun With Dick and Jane".

Then, madre and padre came home (they left in the middle of our photoshoot to get shopping and to get us Chinese Food!) [They had also called in the middle of the photoshoot to tell us to roder our own Chinese food, but I stink at working the phone book and my sister couldn't find the resturant in the book.] with Burger King!

I had a veggie burger with fries and britt had Chicken fries wit french fries!
Yeah, their bad for you, but--.... shut up! We haven't had burger king in months! So it's fine.


I hadn't eaten all day (Woke up late and had to clean during lunch time) so I was pretty much dying of hunger.

Then my sister put in Talldega Nights-- normally I like Will Ferrel movies, the man is an acting genious, but I didn't like that movie. So me and Britt went back to the computer about 15 minutes in and went on to play some driving games (which we sucked royally at)

Britt was freaking out because this guy she likes has a girlfriend and she said, "I wish he was single!"
Then BAM
now he's single.
She knows she had nothing to do with it-- she doesn't even talk to him! But we both were empathetic for him- you could tell it was a mutual break up, and I wish I knew him better so I could tell him I was there if he ever needed to talk.

Then we went back upstairs and watched "I Love The 90s" until Britt fell asleep and I got tierd of playing my sisters hand held Sudoku during comercials.

Then my dogs woke us up in the morning. (Britt was sleeping in my sleeping spot on the recliner, so I bunked on the couch- to lazy to pull it out-- whcih killed my neck on the over stuffed hard pillows!)

So we ate Cinnabuns for breakfast (Once again, SHUT UP. There wasn't enough Special K for us both!) then got dolled up again.

No photoshoot though, we went to Saturday's so madre and I could get our hair cut.

My hair is now an inch shorter with layers! The shortest to the middle of my ear!

Then we drove to Super Wal*Mart and window shopped.
It ended in my shower being restocked with body wash, shampoo and conditioner, and me getting a hat and wallet.

Not to mention a Godiva Belgin Blends drink-- because Lord knows you try them once and get addicted to the chocolaty goodness!!!

I never thought I looked good in hats-- I still think they're kinda weird on me, but madre and britt insisted I get it.

OH YEAH!!!!!


Okay, story behind that;
Over the summer I saw The Descent in theaters with Steven and Kat.
Let me say now, horror movies don't scare me. I laugh when others are screamsing but HOLY CRAP I had nightmares about that movie for WEEKS! I was screaming my head off along with everyone else in the theater that night!!

I can't wait to see it again!
I mean, sure, it made me not want to work at the Indian Caverns anymore, but it was a good movie!
besides, it's less scary if you see it a second time.
Possibly a third.

Oh yeah-- back to the memories!

Then we dropped off Britt and went home.

So I went downstairs and called the Technical support for my mp3 player to see why it wouldn't download songs (I had battled with it about 17 times already)

After pressing a few buttons, I hd some really annoying waiting music played in my ear until I gave up and hung up.

So I called Livy because she had texted me earliar asking what track 4 on Emery's CD "The Question" was.
We talked for a bit, made plans for her to come over on New years and hang out so I could listen to a new band she found called "Mew" (I think their British punk she said...? Anything British sounds good to me.)

After that, it was another go at calling the technical support that wasn't really supporting me, where this old guy kept repeating everything I said in a weird accent that sounded really fake-- like when I try to do a scottish accent, you know?

Only he wasn't scottish.

I think he was Dutch.
Or Spanish.

It was a unique accent though, and i tried coping it when I hung up with him, but it didn't work.

It turns out, I just had the media player 9 when apperantly it's a mp3 player SIN to have that--- I needed to download 10.

So now I have about 60 songs on it.

So I ran upstairs and danced around to my music
Lol, my dad walked into the house and I was dancing/singing to Family Force 5 with air guitar and everything, and i guess he said hi, but I didn't hear him and I'm going, "DOCTOR DOCTOR I'VE GOT AN E-MER-GEN-CY IT SEEMS I'M HEAD-OVER-HEELS A CASE OF L-O-V- hi daddy!!!"

I danced/sang until dinner where I stopped and watched the middle to end of "What a Girl Wants"
Wow, the guy who plays Ian has an AMAZING voice! (I hope that is his voice, otherwise that would crush my fawning over it!)
Everything my British ideal boy is, ha ha.

and that's my story for today!

It's to late- I'll add pictures tomorrow.



Blogger Sarra Manning said...
Hi Devann-Diana

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Glad that you like the books and hope you manage to pin down Steven and force him to read Pretty Things.

Happy New Year!

S x

Blogger Tess said...

thats a beautiful background.


Blogger Tess said...
Hi again,
thanks for leaving a comment on MY page!
the only comments i get are from my friends!


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