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Subject: Unfortunate Sightings | 08 November, 2006
I saw him today.
He came int Remnant (Well, the Locker's Room as the guys part is called)
I don't know if I should be upset or happy! I mean, Remnant is a after school gathering of Christians to study the Bible, Eat free pizza, relax, pray, and talk about school.
The Locker Room is the guys group.
So, I now know he's a Christian, which rocks because, well, he's a CHRISTIAN! Like me! And he comes to Remnant so that means his religion isn't something he just tosses aside like others.
I should be realy happy about that.

But now all I can worry about is liking him again-- and I just got over him! AGAIN!
Its like, when I stop liking him or go boarder line non-liking, he does something to make me start feeling all fuzzy inside again and go back to square one. Like walk by and linger around me, or smile at me, or look over at me repeatedly.

In Remnant, I think I mentioned how we made a list of 'Man Qualities'..? Well, we did because we were reading Ruth, and there was romance in that. SO we made a list of qualities we look for in a guy-- he doesn't match practically anything on there! So I shouldn't like him, right?
But does him being undefined make me like him MORE?

Confusion, thy name is Devann-Dianna.

Lol, well, on the brighter side.

I saw Evita this weekend on HBO on Demand-- I LOVED it!! The music is stuck in my head and Antonia Berderas's voice was PERFECT for his part! It made me SWOON!

So the Popstar magazine came out yesturday!
To 'Win A Date With Mitchel Musso'
I need to get that magazine! =]
Lol, I've been so excited for the magazine to come out, waiting in anticipation! Lol

Over the weekend I spent FOREVER on the computer trying to find information on the characters of "A Curious Savage" and I think I'm going to try out for Flourence. She thinks her dead son is still alive and that a doll she has is him.

Yesturday Madre had the day off, so I made sure she called Katalyst, an agency that contacted me, and we have an appointment on Tuesday to meet them!!! I'm so excited! The nerves haven't hit yet... but I'm waiting! Lol. I need to bring a monolouge, my resume, and photos.

I'm going to bring my monolouge that I read in English in, it's a comedy about a girl married to her husband for almost a year and confronting him about his farting problem. Ihad the class reeling! They loved it! =]

Even a guy whose normally all sarcastic and trying to prove me wrong in English all the time was actually SERIOUS and sad it was good acting!

So that was a boost of confidence!

So onto today;
We were in the LMC again, working on our powerpoint presentation due next week.

We had a test! "Oooh, it'll be really easy!" Mrs. Walselko says, then it turns out to be World War 3 on paper!!! And of course she wants me to go first on the speaking into the tape recording, so I'm at my seat trying to figure out what to say and she starts snapping at m to just go up and talk when i have no idea what I'm going to say! SO I stod up there for about 5 minutes doing nothing just to tick her off before I started talking. "Hola..." I said tierdly and annoyed.

We were going to watch a movie on Date Rape but they mixed up the videos and we watched something on Relationships and how people change in them. We watched it back in 8th grade lol.
The It Takes Two program ends on friday-- and I won't be there for tomorrows class because all the 10th graders are going on a feild trip to the Career Center!

Feidl trip! Woo!

I ate

I gave a lot fo attention to britt-- she's having boyfriend problems, and I need to be there for her. I gave her advice, and reassurence.

So, we had the final day of presentations, and you know how Mr. Auvdel is really childish? Well, Mary had her presentation on Greek Gods and Godesses, and she was going down the family tree of them and one of the names was "Gay-e" (<-- pronounced, I have no idea how its spelled) so he starts DIEING of laughter and we're all laughing at him, then she gets to "Uranus" and you can guess how she pronounced it, so that set of more laughter.

Then, after her presentation, and after Berez asked if someone (I forget the guy) was dethroned by being Castrated, Andrew, all serious, goes, "Did Zeus come from Uranus?"

It was SO FUNNY! We all died of laughter!

Chorale; We got more music! It's a German song and we're going to sing it with Symphonic!! YES! GUY VOICES!!! It's driving me crazy not hearing guys in our group since Chorale is all girls and last year Concert Choir was all Girls-- since their seporated.
I guess it's fine though-- I think I might get distracted by the guys!

US Studies; We presented our Prohibition posters, and we were going to vote on the favorite, and who ever won would get a homework pass for the month- but he forgot and when i reminded him he jsut told us we were getting a pass for today sicne he forgot.
If that made sence. Sorry- I'm singing as I write this!

Lol. And you know what happened with Remnant.

So I called Sam back today- my Younge Life leader, who said she can get me tickets to the College musical, and if tomorow isn't sold out, I'm going to meet her at the Mean Bean at 7:30 and then we're going to walk to the Theater!

Then Friday me and Brittany want to see the Dempsey Musical "Once Upon a Matris"

Somehow inbetween I need to practice my monologue Lol.

So I'm going to go work out and take a shower and hit the hay!
[x] Devann-Dianna


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