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Subject: Trish... or Tick? | 23 November, 2006
Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving Day- hopefully one that had something eventuful happen.
Or anything, really.

Well this morning Amanda walked into my room around 10:30 and said Grandpa Schindler was over!

So I stayed up about 5 minutes before I walked down when I heard my name.

Apperantly, everyone had just woken up, as we were all in our pj's still.

We talked about my BETA fish and how they just won't die, about Family, and.... that's really all I remember seeing as I was to tierd to concentrate.

So we gave him a hug and kiss goodbye and I went back to bed.

Amanda woke me up about 50 times walking into my room to look for a pair of pants to wear to Dave's. Then madre woke me up about 20 times to tell me to get up.

I finally did and slid on some pants and my 2009 shirt while madre asked if I wanted the straightener or make-up.

"Madre, it's Thanksgiving. Not Christmas. I don't need to be all dolled up today. Besides, it's just Sandy and Ralley."

She shrugged and walked back into her room to apply mascara.

So I helped dad make a plain salad and put the ingredients on the side in little plastic dish things that clipped onto the rim of our salad bowl so you can choose what you want in your salad. Then madre took over when the onions got to him.

Over at Sandy and Ralley's (our neighbors) we ate food and talked about Frequient Flier Miles and if you could give them to your friends (Hint hint at California =] ) and our other neighbors were there too-- the ones that want to sell me a car for $500!

The Dad guy (forget his name) got transfered with his job to Texas, so their movign up there. Until then though, the company is paying for trips to send them down to find a house. $55 dollars a PERSON for food alone and $26 for their son. They also (I think) are paying for Hotel and ground transportation.

So I went back home for a bit then walked back to Sandy's when dad said they were going to play Domino's.

I learned how to play it-- and kicked their butt on the first round, my first time playing.

The second game my sister and Dave walk in and Amanda goes, "What are you playing?"
Ralley holds up the box, "Dominos."
"But.... no you're not. Dominos is where they stack them and then you flick them--,"

She stopped talking when the laughter started. =P

But I shouldn't talk because I thought that too.
(But sssshhh don't tell her that)

Their bird would fly in occationally and grab the pennis off the table to throw them at a domino Ralley had set up, or would coo at itself in the mirror.
Then eat the mirror.

So then I walked back home and it's been boring ever since.

Well, Amanda and Dave watched this 2 part movie on HBO called, "Empire Falls" and it has Danielle Panabaker in it. It was a pretty good movie, really dramatic though, and part 2 made me think of the song "Hero" by Superchic[k]

We couldn't figure out if Danielle's character was "Trish" or "Tick" because the writing was small in the credits and it seemed like they said something different each time.

I'll look it up later.

So here's some videos for Remnant;;


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