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Subject: Mysterious Smells.. | 20 November, 2006

I think something died in the school air vents today.
Or someone emptied the lunch in them.
Because by period 8/9 it smelled like a nasty number 2 all through out school!

I'm listening to music right now.
Ally and AJ to be precise.
I was listening to Blink 182 a while ago.


Fill ins
Because I suck at updating everyday.

At the Career Center I got to see an Armidillo but he stayed all curled up. I think it was because the guy holding it had bad breath. Or it was scared.
Of his breath...

Then at Cosmotology there I got my hair crimped.

Sooo we went back to Hayes, after piling about 5 buses all onto one until we were about 5 to a seat- we all got to eat since most of us missed our lunch period.

Jenna's lover was appauled that she didn't want to eat the lunch she had packed so he bought her a lunch!! How sweet.

When I finished my lunch, Jenna and I were going to play a game of Badmitten ebcause we all ate in the gym and Mrs. Roush was letting people play badmitten (it was also her gym period) but I didn't have the "Propper Playing Shoes"

So I caught the last 10 minutes of English 10-- which was filled with Antigony.
Which I didn't mind- it was in script form, and Ancient Greek is realy intersting.

So some days passed
-can't remember-

And then the weekend!
The big OSU vs. Michigan game!

My parents were having a party for it so I stayed at britt's house all weekend.
Friday when I got there we started to make a colage using the 50 gazillion magazine I have saved and stuffed into a backpack-- it was extrememly heavy and I could barley fit them all!

We both had on slipper sweat pants so we spun around on her kitchen flor for a bit pretending to break dance-- it was SO FUNNY!

ON Saturday we vegged out until 8 where I got her to watch "10 Things I Hate About You" finally! She loved it!

Then we went photo crazy!
Once she uploads the pictures, I'll put them up.

Her camera has 2 flashes on it, so we went into her room and for the first flash I'd be in one pose, then switch to a different just in time for the second flash! Then we'd switch places and repeat. It started getting creepy though-- just seeing a flash then BAM person!

So we started to freak each other out by doing a normal first pose then jump at the other during the second!

The camera always got the second flash, so we have tons of pictures of us looking like we're yelling or in a stupid pose! There's a really creepy one of Britt with her hair flying everywhere and one really weird one of me looking constipated or like I'm about to pounce on someone to strangle them!!

And Sunday was church.
We were both practically dead when we went to there from lack of sleep. After Bible group was done we played Pictionary lol. Then we went upstairs to help out in the Nursery during the service.

Then we dialed up my dad to get him to pick me up. I couldn't stay all day because I had to work on my English project that I got a REALLY bad grade on. I never had anything less than a B in Mr. Auvdel's class before that dumb project..

I had to print it out in blue because our black ink is out. I figured I would go into the Library during Pacer Period and have them photocopy it in black and white for me. They did-- and a really cute guy did it for me! He flirted the whole time- it was great! =]

Everyone wearing orange had to go into the gym for something.
Our whole school is decked out in orange because we want to win a free Prom from STAND!
I forgot to wear ornage today (Glad I did-- I would have never talked to that guy!) but I'll try to whip something up tomorrow.

My parent's friends were still there when I got home, their car broke down and dad and his friend had to fix it.
That was interesting lol.
It was back and forthh between me and the guy with comebacks and such. Mom kept going, "That's my girl!" or "I taught her well!" or "Can you see who she gets it from?"
It was funny.

So today.

We had a sub, so we watched a movie on cells then did a one sided worksheet.
Well, as you may or may not know... I had no idea where my book was.
I lost it last term.
So I was going to share with Ashley- but Mrs. Corwin said no and grabbed me a RANDOM book out of the closet and hands it to me.
I open it up and BAM!
"Devann-Dianna" stares me straght in the face.
"YOU FOUND MY BOOK! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" I yell/scream/exclaim/squeal to her.

Pacer Period:
Blahh- you know.

A small test over vocab.
I think I got a bad grade on it..
But we pantomined the vocab to study before hand.
It was funn-ay

We got our Fitness Logs back, and got an Journal assignment- which i need to do.
Also, get this,
We have an AWESOME homework assignment!
Find lyrics for songs for these words on a list she gave us!
I am SO introducing Superchi[k] to the world!!!!


Practice OGT test.. ughh
I'm slow at tests, because I take my time, and when I was still working everyone was TALKING and I couldn't concentrate at ALL.

We finished the OGT Practice for English, went over it, and turned in Research Re-does

We tried something new.
Mrs. Gillis had the Sop. 1s on the top row, the Sop. 2's on the second, and the Alto 1 &2s on the bottom, to blend the sound.
It sounded SO COOL!

US Studies:
We went into the LMC class room to see two presentations that didn't get to go on friday.
Then we went back to the class room and made lists of things we studied that would be fun to do Charades or Pictionary to.

Now I'm home

Ta da!


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