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Subject: If I Could Fool The World | 09 November, 2006
Your Mood Ring is Dark Green


That's my mood right now!

Freaky how true that is lol.

Title for today's blog is due to the fact that I'm listening to Drake Bell now-- that song to be precise. Lol.

So why am I in such a good mood?
I have no idea. But I like it! =]

So, today!

Mrs. Wade had a class in Dempsey today so we had a sub-- the really mean old one who yells at you for doing what you're SUPPOSED to do.

As in;
So, is this one mutualism? Or Commensalism?
[LIVY is referring to the worksheet we were doing]

It's mutualism--

You two need t do your work! Get back on topic!

But we are! We're talking about this question-- number 23!

Yeah, because this was on our project last ter--

Well, as long as you get back on subject!

[Flames sprout from the floor and EVIL OLD TEACHER sinks into them cackaling evily as a evil old teacher does]

We were actually odd topic and got back on topic when she came over lol.

Livy and Jenna were in the Library again so I was alone to read my old Seventeen magazine for the fifth time, until Ashley asked if I wanted to check out the bus list to see where her sister was going to and what bus she was riding.

I already knew what bus I was on (4 with Livy, Laura, Ashley, Carly, and a lot of other people I don't know) but I went anyway to spare myself from death of Pacer Period (Although Chanel 1 on Chanel 2 played Hannah Montana at the beginning of their braodcast lol)

So we checked, and took teh long way back to class but still had time to wait in Pacer, so we talked and ended up coming to the conclution that our moms should meet! Lol!

We only had half an hour there! YES!!!
We had to write a paragraph, and then the Sophomores stood around at 9:15 waiting to hear the announcement , but it enver came so when Mrs. Walselko went into the hallway to check teh Sophomores that left their class, we tried to make a run for it, all sneaky like going, "AAAAHHHHH! FIELD TRIP!!!!!" (<-- kidding, but it would have been funny!) when she tells us to just go.


I'll fill you in on the Career Center in a sec! Dinner is done! I also gotta put up some music for Remnant next time, and pictuers!



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