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Subject: Hide Your Mailboxes | 25 November, 2006
Because Devann is going to be able to DRIVE SOON!

I picked up the book thingy today then dad drove me down to some country roads that twisted and had steep hills and weird sticks and ditches and POTHOLES!
It was great, I got to drive them in his big 'ol Blue Chevy/Honda/whatever Truck!

There was 3 hunters, but they moved to the side-- I even got to use the reverse!

Liberating, really.

Soon I'll be able to get my TEMPS!


Be scared.

I also beat my dad at Foozball. Ha ha, I'm a psycho at that game! I always start jumping up and down and dancing and get really scary competitive with it!

Anywhoo.... Yeah. That's pretty much it.

Oh wait!
I got up early this morning so I could call Livy since she's a morning person and is always up before I even THINK of getting up. I called her to see if she wanted to go downtown with Steven and me today because he's here on break.
Her parents were x-mas shopping though, and she has to watch her bro so she couldn't.

And then Steven had to do some stuff for his madre so he couldn't do anything right away-- he said he would call me when he finished but I told him not to- as I was coughing up a storm and didn't want to get him sick.

No idea what the coughing was for though, I took a shower and felt not-sick again.



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