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Subject: Costco, Yearbooks, and Baseball hats | 28 November, 2006
I just realized soemthing today.

I am incrediably attracted to guys in hats.
I have no idea why.
But today when Amanda told me there was a party at Costco's-- well more of an Open House-- I went and saw a guy there with a green baseball hat on, and I was impressed.
How does a baseball hat impress someone?
Baseball hats and beenies.
I think their amazing on guys lol.

It was funny-- I told madre we needed to walk by the produce isle, which is where he was. So she walked behind me as I walked by and out of the corner of my eye I could see his head turn, so then she walks up to me and goes, "Oh yeah. His head whipped around!"

So then it was a secret glance contest between us. I'd look over and he'd look away, he'd look at me and I'd look away-- etc etc.

I need to tac my boots.
The heels are coming off-- I wanted to have dad hot glue them but Madre said you tac boots when they start doing that.

As we were leaving, also, there was a guy in a grey baseball hat who smiled at me.

Anyways, when I was watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch on TV Amanda asks if I'm going t the Costco party, and I think, 'Dancing? Guys? Free food? Music?' and say yeah.
Then in the car madre said it was a Open House.
We DID get free food-- samples and they were GOOD. Caterors came in and such, and there was even people with towls to wipe off drinks they handed to you out of these ice things!

All that for a up-scale Sam's Club.
It was litterally a warehouse with pricetags-- but they had awesome stuff there!


Finish this later!
I'm gonna go take a shower
and finish my Christmas list!

So far I have;
A mp3 player, under $100 with 2GB memory, and a small screen that just displays the song titles because putting pictures and videos on a 2 inch screen is dumb

So far, the ilo looks really good!
I caled madre down here with me to have her browse mp3 players and such so she knows what I'm looking for and knows that I don't want them to spend over $100 on me for this.

And then...
I have nothing else.
Maybe Pirates 2?
OH I saw this awesome Pirate book at Costco's! It was like a scrap book and it was only 17 dollars!!



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