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Subject: Younglife and Engagements | 23 October, 2006

Well I don't really have and extremely huge amount of time to type right now-- in fact I need to run up stairs, wash my face and go to bed seeing as I have school tomorrow but yeah.

I need to talk about;
  • My sister's engagement
  • Lit mag.
  • Writers Group
  • Mean Bean
  • Youngelife (=D)
  • Tickets to OWU's musical
  • Weigh-in
  • Health
  • Biology Projects
  • Funky Cruise dreams

As you see, I've got A LOT to fill in for today, but I was so busy I didn't get to come on until now (10:35 pm) and with my horrible habits of details over nothing, and tomorrows things, it'll be a long entry!

--Devann Dianna

P.S. Today's picture is Cloe, in a sweater. I'll put the other pictures up of Emma and her acting gangster! Lmao.


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