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Subject: Walking in The Rain | 26 October, 2006
So lets see, I don't remember what else I needed to fill in about....
Aah well.
There WAS a youngelife thing where this girl talked about her when she went backpacking for the first time-- it was hilarious. She was nervous about pooping in the woods and told us there was different ways you could do it and when her friend gave her a pep talk and went to find her own tree some guy drives up and walks over to her while she's pooping and asks if she's seen a dog.

We were all dieing of laughter.


This morning my sister kept yelling at me to stop hitting the snooze and just get out of bed-- which was hard considering I was dead tierd.

Biology, Livy wasn't there today!
She left on tuesday for a orthodontist appointment to get surgary on a tumor in her mouth that won't go away and has been out since!
She must be in REAL pain-- it's thursday now and Livy hates missing to much school because of all the make-up work.

We walked around the lab area to look at the posters of the people presenting today and wrote down things about them (Abotic and Biotic factors, Relationships, etc) then everyone presented. Jenna's poster was so cute! It was blue and the top was cut to look like waves, adn she had tiny fish all over it with bubbles and her bullets were fish. She had the Clownfish and Sea Anenamea- so I let her borrow Finding Nemo (her poster theme) so she could show some clips for her presentation- however, the LMC didn't bring the DVD player around until the end of class, so she's going to show the clips tomorrow first thing.

Wow- my fingers are freezing, it's hard to type!

The last group was really professional, writing terms on the board, pasing around pictures and talking like a teacher. The had the Monarc and Vicory Butterflies.

Pacer Period, I thought I was going to Mrs. Walselko's to take pictures for me and Yadira's project in Spanish but it turns out that was a pass for tomorrow.

So I went back in and Jenna was coloring in my snakes on my poster for me, and Brittany walked in our Pacer Period to work on her poster, too. She had me draw two rabbits for her poster (She was doing Rattlesnakes and Rabbits)

Health we got into a HUGE disscussion about how cell phones, text's, myspace, and i/m's are killing peoples communication skills and Mrs. Reed got us all feeling guilty about having hundreds of people on our buddylists we don't even talk to. And how when you call a person once, you save their number even though you never talk to them again.

"Wel, me and my friend Brittany save numbers so we can prank them later." I said, and everyone laughed and got into their prank phone call experiences.

It was a really good class though- I love it! Lol.

We're getting into relationships in Health and we're on communication now. We did the roles you play in a relationship and yesturday we did more communication. but we sat back to back and described a picture to your partner and they had to draw it.

We also had a test that I Aced (10 points tho lol)

Lunch I got a pass to my locker to get my old poem book I had locked in my basement. I found it last night and read it it today in lunch.

Brittany's calling!
Finish this later!

We're going to talk about a christmas party I'm gonna throw!



Oh.. my... GOSH. I seriously CAN'T wait for my grandparents to MOVE OUT!

Grandpa is driving me up the WALL!
I got off the phone with britt and he starts the whole normal crap because he's stupid and senile and doesn't get that he's been insulting me for the past month he's been here and I've been putting up with it as long as I can but I REALLY don't need senile stress added onto my life right now!!


When he moves out.
I will party.

But he deffinatly canNOT stay during my Christmas party because he's racist and I don't want him insulting my friends or looking at all the guys like their gonna rape the girls in the basement!

he's just so--BLAHH!


Moving on.

Brittany and I are planning a Secret Santa type Christmas Party on December 16th! It's going to be GREAT! We have a huge invite list because we know that a lot of people won't be able to come, and it's going to be a mixed party, you know- people that don't hang out with other people beacuse of classes and grades and the social standard they follow.

We've got music, foosball, presents, food, decoration, etc etc everything figured out!

I can't wait! We starting singing christmas songs on the phone lol. Which lead to me pulling out the old Dempsey Singer notebook I need to give to Mrs. Brooks... lol.

Where was I in today?
Oh yeahhhhh
I finished lunch and poem books...

Alright then, Geometry.
We had a test-- I think I did good on it. And we had to turn in our porfolio, which is just all of our work from this year in it.

English Mr. Auvdel stole some of my notes yesturday and made them into an example of how to take notes the easy way and turn it into a paper.
We're now talking about Greek Theater-- which rocks because that's my topic for this research project!

I'm already learning stuff-- like Thespis practically created acting when he added in the first actor to talk to the Chorus during the time when they celebrated their god of Wine, Drunkenesss, and partying; Diyonosus (Sp?)

Chorale, we sang more lol.

US Studies we watched a really sad movie on rascism and Scottsburg-- we might finish it tomorrow. Britt and everyone thought it was boring, btu I drawn into how everything was so unfair for the guys-- and I also like History.

Then after school I shoved my backpack into my locker and put my agenda and essentials into my bag and walked downtown to see if the resturant I was eyeing last week was hiring-- no such luck. I checked The Outer Layer, too, and once again I was shot down.

I can't find a place that's hiring people!
It's frustrating, but I just have to keep trying.
There's NO way I'm going to ask my parents to pay for acting classes for me, I want to pay for them on my own. So, until I get a job, no classes.


I'll keep trying, but it's not letting me put up pictures..?


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