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Subject: Talk About Insomnia! | 17 October, 2006
So, I've decided.
I'm deffinatly keeping this journal!

Which is good, seeing as a share a xanga with Brittany and we make all of our posts public (even though everytime she tries to post her computer goes a-wire and dies, like it just can't stand the thought of posting a blog on xanga and commits suicide to viruses that enter your computer when it's turned off-- or so Madre drills into my head because she's spazztastic about keping our computer virus free.).

This morning something weird happened.
You know that dream-like state you're in when you wake up sometimes? Where you're consious of what's going on around you, but then again, you're not because everything around you turns into a dream that you can sometimes see?
Dreams are werid that way.

Anyways, I woke up to my alarm yelling at me-- not beeping like normal-- YELLING.
I don't remember what it was saying, but it involved vampires and capes and five second meal breaks.
I think there was snakes invovled, too.

But I remember when I came to my sences, I kept thinking, "I have to tell Livy that my alarm clock is a Vampire Lover!"

I thought was going to be late so I didn't even bother to attempt to search for a breakfast and instead took my time finding cute white knee-high socks with tiny hearts along the top that no one would see due to my pants.

My grandpa was up this morning, and was being his normal self-- sitting in the recliner watch the sci-fi chanel at unnatural hours with the lights almost all off so it's like a bat cave.

"You got yourself a umbrella?" He asks, because apperantly, when he's awake at non-normal-grandpa hours he's the weather man for me. He smokes in the garage, and only tells me when it's raining. He also knows that I like to see what the weather is going to be like on the weather chanel and can't very well do that while he's watching ships in space blow each other up.

"Yeah," I say. Saying to many words to grandpa oftens ends in a argument over weather or not it's his job to put the toilet seat down in which I end up storming off in an anoyed huff because he's old and doesn't make any sence in his old age. (By the way, he's a guy. He puts the seat up. He puts it down. End of discussion. I should not have to put the seat down just because he puts it up!)

So then I run upstairs, turn the light on in the room to look for my umbrella (Which lead to my sister mumbling about how I need to get out of the room so she can sleep or she'll sick Emma, or chaweenie, on me. [chaweenies are chawawa doxin mixes]) and I couldn't find it.

So I grabbed an ugly purple rain coat I still have from, like, 7th grade that I lie about it not fitting me becuase I refuse to wear since it's ugly and childish, and ran out the door.

I ended up forgetting it in Chorale when I grabbed it out of my locker so I wouldn't forget it at school over night.

At the bus stop the rain started hitting my hair which makes it curl up into this wavy poofy mess that people try to convince me into thinking is pretty. I ran on a pourch with two other girls- one of who was smoking so I went to the other side in case I started to smell like it or inhaled to much and got cancer.

In Biology we got our tests from yesturday back (even though we had a sub-- Mrs. Wade is grade crazy and had her husband pick up the tests after school.) I thought I Aced it but it turns out I got a big fat C!

After we went over it, we got a work sheet full of deffinitians and concepts we had to fill out, out of the book. Immediatly, Livy, Jenna, and I walked to the back of the room at the lab tables that we normally grab to ourselves (but now share with a tank with tons of crickets and 2 gardener snakes-- one of which is missing but Mrs. Wade refuses to believe it or look to see.) and we talked until Pacer Period-- which called for the sub for the assistant teacher to walk over to us and eye the papers like they were plotting to rule the world.

She had on black cat eye glasses with diamond studs and pig tails and over-alls.
I remember becuse the guys kept laughing every time she turned around the wother way.

I couldn't concentrate on the worksheet, as I had "Pretty Things" by Sarra Manning in my backpack and I last stopped at a cliff hanger, so I read that and told myself I'd finish the Biology in lunch, which I did.

In Spanish we had a tiny quiz over vocab we learned friday, which I was prett yhappy about becuse actually understood the words this time instead of sitting there wondering if if it was conozsco or conosces to fit in a sentance.

I can always remember the things to describe what you like to do instead of saying you know how to do something. Mostly because if I ever go to Spain (Which I doubt, but you never know) all I'll ever talk about is singing.

Me gusta cantar mucho.

On the way to Health class I swooped towards the vending machine for a "Nature Garden Oats and Honey granola Bar" -- the only healthy thing in there!
Health we got our projects back! I got a 228 out of 230 on it! =D!
And I got a 19 out of 22 on our test!
And 4.5 bonus points on a video quiz! AND I was reading the whole time!
I like health class, next to English and chorus it's my best subject! Nd it makes me feel really smart, you know?

Lunch, I raced off to the lunch line to get a v8 Splash so I would have plenty of time to do my biology when i realized we were having cheese pizza-- and I hadn't had my dairy for the day yet and needed the cheese- not to mention it was vegetarian friendly so I grabbed a slive and some fries (which I'm regretting!) and settled for a chocolte milk instead of fruity goodness.

I ended up having plenty of time to do my biology.

Geometry I sat at Sydney's seat because she signed out to skip a french test-- she came back later in the period when i was reading more and said she was going to kill me. Lol.

English we had a sub again! Woo!
And also a nice little test with 2-15 point questions over short stoires we've read.

Chorale we got to watch our conert from last night! Or at least the beginning part-- we're rehearsing tomorrow for a person coming in and then we get to finish it on thursday.
So i got to do my US Studies homework in there that was due the next period, and read more during the orchestra (sp?)

OH! I have to remember to journal about the concert last night!!!!!!!

But I walked out of Chorale and "Coffee" (Code for the guy I like) was walking there and smiles at me. =] That put me in a singing/dancing mood all the way to US Studies

In US Studies we passed up our homework and wrote down five things we learned about a movie he played for us. I wrote down 5 things as soon as I could so I could finish "Pretty Things", which was awesome! In the Author Info in the back, it turns out Sarra Manning has a blogspot, too! I left her a comment. =]

It reminded me about how much I miss Steven ever since he left for college, so I talked to him on AIM after school.
He told me he had a canker sore on his lip so its ruined his weekend and when I told him to put salt on it he said that's what his grandma tells him to do! So is aid it was girl advice and to take it and asked if he compaired me to his grandma.
That led to my version of the Cha-Cha slide for old people. Steven put it in his profile;
Of Love Defined: "Pop that hip to left-- the right now y'all! One knit this time! Tow knits this time!" <-- as in the g*ma cha-cha slide

We talked about the concert, and I told him about his fictional British clone, then he had to go because his roomate was playing the guitar and it was getting on his nerves.

But on the bus ride home I saw with Chris again, as per usual when I ride the bus home, and when he got off Kayla asked me if I would ever consider going out with him, and I said I never realy thought about it. "Well, like, think about it a bit, because I was talking to him and--" something soemthing (bus noise) "--Who he'd go out with and I asked him--" she said a bunch of names here "And he said no then I asked, 'Well what about Devann?' and he said 'I wouldn't mind going uot with her.' and then I said I'd talk to you about it, but that was a while ago, so think about it." then she smiled and got off the bus saying she was trying to be a match maker.

Before that though (I know my thoughts are all jumbled) I told Chelsea about liking Clay again. "But I don't think he likes me." I said.
"Why not?" She asks
"Becuase he didn't like me when I was in 8th grade so he can't like me now."
"But you've changed a lot since 8th grade and so has he."

And with that simple sentance she got me reeling into thoughts of the un-known!!

So now I'm in my basement, typing this al while my dad is working on the basement (He's turning it into a entertainment room for guests.)

I'm gonna go upstairs now and.... find something to do!

P.S. Sorry this was SSSOOOOOO long and SSSOOOOO boring-- but I like to read my old entries years later and remember the days I wrote them!


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