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Subject: The Reason We Have Curly Hair | 22 October, 2006

The reason we have curly hair?

So... not being busy isn't as exciting as I thought it was.
I ended up spending 3 hours standing in the bathroom curling every inch of my hair and it looks like crap.

So I walk downstairs into the basement and HEY, dad's there! "Are you strong?" he asks me, standing by the old dryer that we finally got rid of because it would tear up my shirts and underwear or burn them to a crisp.
"Maybe..." I say, eyeing the dryer, I knew where this was going.
"Well, wanna help me carry the dryer out to my truck?"

And that's how I got my exercise for today!
By helping dad carry a dryer up the basement steps, into the hallway, down three steps into the garage, and around my grandma's car to lift into the back of dad's truck!

That's with breaks every 2 seconds for me by the way.

I feel stronger though.
Super woman! Lol.

Madre started laughing when I pretended to flex my 'muscles'.

6:02! Wohoo! I never thought I'd be so happy for the weekend to almost be over!
I can't believe I'm saying this;
but I can't wait for school tomorrow!

Livy and I are planning to walk to the library after school on thursday, too. Since we haven't done so in forever and we both know it's killing us inside. Lol.

I'm listening to Falling Up right now!
I miss this band-- I haven't listened to them in like a year!
Jenna got me into them-- I remember! Last year during Spanish!

I'm going to go eat dinner now and wash all this hair spray out of my hair! Yuckk!
And some do some laundry before I scrub the dried hairspray off the sink...

P.S. Those are old photos I took of Zoey (upper right) and Roxann (Lower left)


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