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Subject: Parties, and Mac n Cheese! | 30 October, 2006

You want to know why I'm SO excited??

Next weekend, I can't plan to do anything with my friends!

Now you're asking, "But Devann.... isn't that BAD?"

Yes my friends, it is...


So, let me restate;


I get my room back!
We get to paint it!
I get to watch TV!! That doesn't include football, baseball, sci-fi, or 60 Minutes!!!
No more Cloe barking at anything that moves!
No more grand-dude telling me to eat MEAT!
No more grand-dude critisizing anything that SPEAKS!
I'm free to dance in my underwear!!
(Ha ha, I just added that last one in for laughs.)
(I could dance in my room, so that's not really a change)

Alright, with that out of me..

Friday's party was awesome!
Sydney rented out a room in "All Occations"
I walked in with my costume on and my wig on also becuase madre said it "made" the costume, and at first the guys around the table were giving me looks that said, "Who are YOU?"
But then all the girls go, "DEVANNNNN! OH MY GOSH YOUR COSTUME! I LOVE IT!"

I made friends with a guy named Caleb who goes to my school but I've never seen him before-- he was hilarious and kept us all laughing. We danced a lot, and joked around. He was flirting with all the girls there though.

When they started playing rock songs, after about 5, they started up the karaoke.
Madre called though while I was looking at the songs, and said she was waiting outside.
So I gave Tracey a ride home.

And basicaly, I've been lounging around, sleeping up and staying up late since then.

It's been a nice, lazy weekend, which rocks because I don't know what I would do if I had plans.
Probably die early lol.

I finished a book I read back in 8th grade called "Flipped" and I love it-- the only problem i have is it leaves it open for a sequel, but there IS none, so there a lot of open, unresolved problems.

So I'm on another book.

Annnnd now I'm pretty hungry because I've been forgetting to eat dinner a lot lately, so i'm going to go make a nice big bowl of Mac n' Cheese!

[x] Devann

P.S. This is the funniest re-make of "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" by Family Force 5
(I love that band!!)
Santa is a hit man in here =]


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