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Subject: Fillers on the Variaty Show and Choir Concert! | 22 October, 2006
Yes... origonal title there! Lol.

The Variaty Show was on thursday!But for some reason I'm not spazzing out about it like last year. Last year I would be all, "WOOO! VARIATY SHOW! YES!" and start dancing really bad. But this year... I guess it's just... when you announce everyone instead of being out there on the stage, it's depressing.

Brittany and I were going to sing, "Ackey Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus and dance to it. We learned the dance to it, got some Texas kick dancing down, the harmony down, and everything! We planned on wearing old worn jeans tucked into Cowgirl Boots with a flanel shirt tied and wife beaters on, having our hair in pigtails with cowgirl hats on! It was great! We had our audition time and everything but--

Britt had youth group that night and her boyfriend was going to it so we didn't audition. It's fine though, right? I mean, we were still working on the words and had to get our costume together...Livy says I should have auditioned anyways but I would have passed out on stage! Acting? I'm perfectly fine with that going alone! Monologues I have no problem with-- comedy, drama, action, Shakespear, I'll do it no questions asked! But signing? Solo? Give me a moment to make the room stop spinning!

So I settled for being a emcee again. (MC- Mistress of Ceremony)I wasn't to excited about it, so I let everyone (Olivia and Kristen) have 6 times to get on and announce the acts, settling for four with Livy (Not Olivia-- Bonfire party Livy) Even then, I bit my lip and said it was fine that I got two words in each time and didn't say anything when they took my lines accidentally. It was just an accident so there wasn't any need.

I felt out of place again waiting for each act to finish so someone can go announce the next one afterwards. I just chipped in a few comments and scuffed my feet, dancing randomly to a few acts.

I'm starting to feel more and more out of place in Delaware. I have no idea what it is-- it's just..., I don't know.

I need to stop dreaming of California-- it's messing me up over here! Lol.

Afterwards, before the last act, I called my parents and told them to come and pick me up. They were in Dublin, so it's god I called then or I would have had to wait longer afterwards.

The last act, JT's band (Vodoo Blues) was AMAZING! They had a red light on them, energy, and everyone was screaming and clapping to the music! They had awesome stage pressence! You could just see all the girls itching to run over and maul the band for their autographs, if they didn't see them in the hallways everyday already lol.

Last year for the Fall Variaty Show, we had a Battle of the Bands in the gym after the acts, but I guess we didn't get enough bands to audition this year..?

When it finished, I walked out, said bye to Livy, and walked backstage again to see if I left anything. When I walked out, I ran into Keegan (Litterally), which took me for surprise. He normally doesn't come to Theater Things, right? I've been noticing him hovering around a lot lately. And when I walked next to Olivia, she asked if anyone wanted to go to B-Dubs with her, and he looked at me then jumped up with a bunch of other people, wanting to go,
I couldnt though, I made my parents leave Dublin to come and get me-- can you imagine how rude that would be to say, "Oh hey madre, sorry but I'm going to B-Dubs instead! Still come-- but bring some money with you and then go home, and pick me back up later!"

Choir Concert.
That was Monday-- sorry my dates are all messed up! Lol.

I came in late, as usual, becuase my parents think that, "Be there in your robe and ready to warm up by 7!" meanns LEAVE at 7. I was so mad! Lol. Dad was in the shower when we had to leave, then took his sweet time getting his shoes on.

While we were waiting to go on stage after warming up, the noise level kept rising and rising, and the adults weren't doing anything, and we all know that if it gets to loud, pretty soon everyone will be shouting and ruin theri voice before they get on stage! So my group kept shushing everyone to the point where the Freshman were glaring at me.

Clay and Berex walked up to us and started talking, which was fun, we were all joking around and dancing in our robes and such (These are Choir robes btw, not bath robes! Lol)

So, I gues there really wasn't as much to reportabout the concert as I thought.... but Symphonic was AMAZING!! The beginning of their songs (We got to hear them after our group performed) the girls circled the auditorium and sang in surroned sound while the guys had solos up. Then they had a song with instrument accompanist.

Symphonic was also chosen to be the FEATURED CHOIR IN CARNAGEE HALL! Wooo!!!That's such a huge honour-- I'm so glad Symphonic got it!!

Well, I'm going to go now!Madre said we're going to get my costume for Sydney's party tuesday, so I have a full day to myself!

Can you say, HORROR MOVIES?=D

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