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Subject: Fill In's! | 25 October, 2006

Okay, so, first off;
So we're all really excited about that! Over the weekend, she went to a cabin with Dave, and TA DA! He proposed! The ring is fabulous-- I'll get clear pictures up later- all I have now are blurry ones.

I'm glad it's with Dave though, he's so perfect for her and treats her good! He's nice, too and is just the right amount of geek for Amanda! (That's a good thing by the way-- being a geek lol.) She's so happy for him, and it's nice to see her smile whenever her phone rings and she sees it's him.

I can only hope I'll find someone like that for me.

There was a lot of romance centered things today, too. But I'll get to that later after I finish Filling things in!

In Lit mag we found our publisher! We talked about what we want to do for the magazine and she's getting a quote together for how much it's going to cost us so we can figure out how many candy bars to sell.

Writer's Group went to the Mean Bean to talk, and since I had the manditory meeting with the publisher, I couldn't go. I did stop by afterwards though when my grandma picked me up and got a iced Mocha becuase I haven't had one in months and Livy got my addicted to them!

So when I got home, after dinner, I had madre work out with me because in Health class we need to work out a minimum of 3 days outs of a week. Lol, one of the work outs (their mainly pilatees) is called a "Hip Thrust" and you lay on your back with your legs straight up in the sir and lift your hips and do reps. It was so fnny-- madre couldn't do it! She goes, "eerrr!" or some weird noise of exhostion I can't figure out how to type and then starts laughing becuase it was so hard for her-- which made me laugh and fall over!

I kept pushing her really hard to do more reps of more things and had her spend about 20 minutes just warming up!

We had to end early though (Much to my dismay and madre's Hallelujah Chorus) so I could go to YoungLife for the first time at Livy's Church!

Youngelife is her church's Highschool youth group and most of the kids are from BV-- the only Hayes kids there were me, Livy, Britt, and Pittman.

It was NOT what I expected!! It was BETTER!
Like a huge party! I walked in and everyone was dancing to music!

We played a bunch of games like full body Rock, Paper, Sissors, only it was; Gorilla, Gun, Ninja!
Gorilla you had to make a dramatic jump and tickle your armpits in a monkey move
Ninja you had to jump and go, "HIYAH!" and kick and swing your arms (Lol the girl explaining it goes, "Or, you can sound more professional and go'Woooshabii!' [I have no idea what the word was-- I just made that up] but that means Baseball...")
and then Gun was just like a cowboy move.

It was;
Gun beats Gorilla
Ninja Beats Gun
Gorilla eats/kills Ninja

We stood back to back then on 3, you'd jump and turn around and do your move and if you lost, you sat down.

I won 3 times before had to sit lol.

Everyone one there was so hyper and wild-- it was contageous and fun!!

Then the guy leaders had to go up and spell words with their butts.
Their butts.
They had to spell "Gym" "Rattle" and "Miss America"
They would have had to spell Mississippi but we saw the paper and kept guessing it for every single one lol.

We also did this thing called "Musical Cream Pies"
7 people passed around a pie cup thing filled with Whip Cream, and if the music stopped on you, you could pie yourself and stay in the game for a T-Shirt, or pie the person next to you and get out!

We also sang kareoke! Us Hayes Girls sang "Lean on Me"
and we also sang that song that goes, "Say it aint so! I will not go, turn the lights off, carry me home Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na~"
and some other song I don't know. Britt calls it the watermelon song but I never heard it and there was no watermelon in the lyrics they put up at all.

I was so upset when it was over lol.
It took my dad a while to get there to pick me up since we live far away and while I was waiting I talked to this leader whose in College and she said she might be able to get me and my friends tickets to the Ohio Wesland Musical!! I told her about wanting to be an actress since she saw my name said "Devann-Dianna" on the sign-up sheet for the weigh in next week (we have to bring as much heavy stuff as we can carry next week, and that's all I know. The girl said a girl last year brought a microwave!) and explained that Devann (pronounced Devin) is my first name but I attach Dianna to it because it's my stage name.

Only three more things before I can get to a (hopefully) breif thing on yeturday and then today and then i gotta get to my Biology Project!

So yesturday I got my halloween costume after school and my grandparents weren't home so I got to watch TV! Woo!
I watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch!
I'm a gothic 50's girl!!
The poodle skirt is shirt and black and has this stuff that make it poof out and the poodle is a skeleton and the leash is chains and the top goes off the shoulders and its black and white striped with little dots on it to make it shine and a black ascot and a black belt and I'm going to wear black hoursies with my black boots and I got black lipstick and black nail polish for it!

It's awesome. =] It came with a wig-- buts its ugly and stiff with the hair in pigtails and skull clips.

Last night I used Jasmine Vanilla body wash, put Jasmine Vanilla pillow spray on my pillow, then sprayed it on me this morning (It says it gives good luck in romance and always seems to work with me! Last night I saw my horoscope for today said I'd have a lot of run-ins with a guy I like, but I didn't run into anyone today.)

It had an effect.
In Remnant (The Christian Youth group at my school for girls, the guys are The Locker Room) we were talking about soul mates and we made a list of qualities for our ideal guy. I'll type my list up later. There was a lot of talk about Romance! Lol.

Brittant and Jen decided they want to set me up on a blind date.
Every guy in the hallway was an option for Britt! Lol she would go, "Oh! what about him? Or him? He's cute! What about him-- he's your height!"
And everytime I'd go, "No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Here's a prediction- No."

Also in Remnant, I walked over and moved this mirror down in the Food and Nutrition Room so Jenna could look at a guys butt lmao. It was hilarious!
I was like, "We're all acting like old ladies who check out 20 year olds!" and did a impersination, the asked Jenna if she was getting a motion view while he left with the guys to do their own thing.

In Biology, we're doing a project on Animal's relationships.
Me and Livy have the Coral Snake and the King Snake
Their relationship is mimicry-- and my snake eats her snake.
I have the King Snake lol.

"Red against yellow, kill a fellow
Red against black, friend of Jack."

I have more but I REALLY have to go work on my project!

No time for picures!


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