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Subject: Bonfires and Sweet 16s! | 21 October, 2006
Well, my hectic schedual is getting started again!

Yesturday was Khristina's Sweet 16, and while my family was out eating dinner, I was there dancing away and hitting balloons back and forth between Berez and Sarah.
Cris(Not Khristina) came up behind me and put his hands over my eyes-- like I couldn't tell who he was but he's the only one who does that lol. I ended up slow dancing with him.

Then I kept kicking Berez for being Berez lol-- and putting confetti in his hair to the point where I had to run from him laughing. When i saw Cris walking towards me and Berez, I thought he was going to help me out and let me run, but he grabs my arms and goes, "Tickle her Berez! She's tickilish!" He knows this becuase he tickles me 24/7!

The DJ was bad-- he kept playing rap songs so everyone would walk out of the room until a rock song came on (No one really liked rap lol, everytime a song came on, Khristina would sigh ehavily and walk out of the room, glaring at the DJ.)

And her brother kept popping balloons and the DJ would put the mic down to the balloon so it sounded like continuous gun fire- all the guys kept pretending to get hit and would fall over going, "I'm hit! I'm hit!"

I had to leave before she opened presents-- but I told her which one was mine. I got her a necklace with crosses all over it and a wrist band with a skull that had a bow on.

Before Khris's party, I got a winter coat FINALLY! It's a rich brown color with warm fuzz inside and deep pockets for my cell phone/hands. Grandma took me to Kholes to get it and Madre handed me the debit card. I had to sign for her, which was extremely weird because I have no idea how she signs things! And the lady at the counter asked for ID so g*ma showed her hers. She also didn't ring up my 'Buy 2 Get The 3rd Bra Free' right-- but it's fine.

We went to Rue 21 afterwards and I wouldn't let g*ma spend all her money on me buying a long sleeve shirt (Everything seemed to much for me to ask her to buy me-- I HATE mooching off of people.) but I let her buy me 3 dollar gloves because they weren't expensive lol. Their cute though-- tan with brown stripes, and they match my coat.

Then we ran to Super Wal*Mart and looked at the Halloween isle-- I now know what I'm going to be for Sydney's Sweet 16 on friday-- it's a costume party and I'll get the costume tomorrow. We got crackers and I tried this new Vitamin drink and-- I think that's it (The drink tasted.... interesting. I should have gotten grape, it left a medicine taste in your mouth afterwards). I wouldn't let her buy me any long sleeves there because they were WAY into my "Feel Guilty After Asking" Price range.

I seriously need a job! Lol. Papa Jo's pizza was way to far a walk from after school and it was right next to some bars. So maybe a nice little resturant downtown is hiring? I hope so, becuase I need to get a job so I can take acting classes asap and not have my parents pay for the fee!


Today was Livy's Bonfire party.

I was half an hour late because it starts at 6 and at 5:58 I just got out of the shower. When I got there, I felt a little out of place-- which is weird because normally I fit right into place at Livy's. I used to go to her house all the time but we've been drifting. Whenever I tried to say something, no one heard me, or they ignored me and kept talking. After a while though, I started warming up and laughing with everyone. It was a little weird to hear Livy plan a movie night with Kristen though.... movies nights were ours. We would order chinese and watch movies until we fell asleep. It was like our sacred thing, and now she's doing them with Kristen?

I know it's selfish-- but I feel like Kristen is taking my place in Livy's life. Everything we used to do together she does with Kristen now-- and Livy says I just don't call her in time to plan something, but everytime I call her she's doing something with Kristen. So then I do something with Brittany and Livy complains that I do everything with Britt instead of her? (<-- Teen drama)

The balance we had to 8th grade is gone. In 9th grade it was all me and Livy and now it's just me and Britt.

It's really depressing. I miss walking downtown with Livy and window shopping, or just randomly walking to the library when I get stranded downtown and having her meet me there.

I hate the feeling of drifting from a best friend...

Backing away from the negative sad note!

We played Cry Wolf, where we stood around in a circle and one person would draw on our stomach with pink lipstick-- and that would make you the wolf. Then we went by the fire and accused each other of being the wolf until we all voted on who we thought was it, then the wolf would reveal itself.

Everyone freaked each other out with talk about a creepy clown from "Supernatural" that would kill parents and stand there waving at you. It creeped me out a bit, but I just watched Friday the 13th 2, so I was horrored out. (I looooooove old 90's horror movies! Their the best! You just can't get away with having someone trip on their heels while running from an undead killer anymore without someone jumping up in the theaters yelling, "THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE! He was WALKING after her! He can't catch up that fast!")

We also played truth or dare. That was a little boring though since practically no one picked dare-- and when you did, you just had to stand and face the woods.

The girls were creeped out by the clown thing and so we had to play hide n' go seek with partners lol. (Yes. We are awesome 10th graders! Wohoo! Lol. Seriously though-- I love hide and go seek-- you're never to old for that!)

We also played 500 with skittle bags-- and when we finished g*ma came and picked me up because it was 10-- when the party ended. Also my parents are at a costume party and will be back tomorrow.

So. Tomorrow, I gotta buy my costume for Sydney's party and then I finally get some time to just relax!

Oh, and thursday was the Variaty show. I'll tell you about that later-- along with the chorus concert.



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